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12 Steps of Walking as a Son of God (Part 2)

taking steps

12 Steps of Walking as a Son of God (Part 1)

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The 5 R’s of Creating (Part 1)

In this lesson we will discuss the how-to’s of creating on purpose. We will discuss frequency and vibration along with how powerful words can be in our life.

Awaken the Sleeper

Purpose: To provide the knowledge and the tools to teach the student “How To” walk as a Son of God (Uihos) not just a Child in Christ (Tekton)

Full Presentation

The Truth About Christmas

Learn some some truths about Christmas that you didn’t know.

The Armor of God, Part 2 – Nick Castellano

Armor of God – Nick Castellano

No Christian Fans – Nick Castellano

How To Go Through Trials – Nick Castellano